Designed with you and your customer in mind

With our unique agility we bring unrivaled speed to the market

Crafted with proven ingredients, underpinned with Oklahoma wheat, and proven processes

Made the natural way - rise facilitated with real yeast and superior flour

Our product portfolio is flexible and can be tailored to your needs

Here is just a sampling of what we do - tell us how we can help your business

Pizza Dough

Our specialty - leading the industry with natural folded edge and flat edge crust offering freezer to oven convenience


Dough Sheets

A favorite for stores with delis - a multi-purpose dough that enables stores to come up to food solutions demanded by their customers



Nothing is better with dinner than a VAP dinner roll.  Our pretzels are a perfect compliment to cheese or your favorite beverage.  VAP chocolate chip cookie cakes serve as a perfect, delectable ending to any meal.



Croissants - buttery, flakey, VAP perfection!  Your customers will be delighted with our croissant creations.


Questions about the products we offer? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.